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What Can I Help You With?


Need help with a website or a component design?

I specialize in designing modern, user-orienteed professional solutions, from planning and wireframing to delivery of finished products. My main area of expertize are website and interface design, and my tools of choice are Adobe XD and Photoshop. View an example of my design flow ideas.


You're on a wicked deadline? - No worries.

Send me your design and I'll do the CSS/HTML/JS trickery in no-time. SASS optional. I pay particular attention to deliver semantic HTML and CSS code, in line with modern web standards. That covers the on-page SEO part as well. I also work with Static Site Generators, like Gatsby, for example.


On Shopify projects I work in partnership with Hartt Commerce, an LA based expert Shopify agency.

Shopify is my favorite platform and most of my work is Shopify development. I work in partnership with Hartt Commerce. You can check some of the projects we have worked on recently here. Wether you have a small task that needs to be taken care of, or are in need of custom Shopify store development, feel free to get in touch.


From building a custom theme to modyfing an existing one, I have worked with these platforms extensively. Give me a shout if you need help with any aspect of the web development process.

In The Words Of The Great American Philosopher John Lee Hooker:
"Let’s Work Together!"