About North-NorthWest

The Needle Always Never Turns To The North

North-Northwest is a personal website of Igor Bujas, a digital nomad, screen designer and web developer professional. I specialise in designing visually appealing websites/user interfaces and developing them according to the W3C standards. I am a front-end developer, which means I provide client-side solutions in the manner of CSS and HTML code, spicing it up with Javascript. I've been working as a professional designer for the past 12 years and have worked in quite a few companies full-time before I detached myself and became a freelancer, (including Potomac Ltd - brand Croata, gr8 Marketing Agency and RTL Television Croatia), but the freelance bug finally got to me, and now I'm proudly on my own. I have been lucky to work with HarttMedia, my main contractors over the past years.

I own a small design studio located in the heart of the beautifull city of Zagreb, Croatia, and, while not differentiating between the UI design and the code, I'm an avid outdoorsman, mountaineer and former paraglider pilot, CMAS R** certified diver and Krav Maga practitioner currently holding a rank of G2.

North-NorthWest was established in Bristol, in my one of my favorite pubs in Stokes Croft, November 2010.

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